Monday 27 August 2018


We were advised earlier today that the CoSLA Leaders meeting on Friday 31 August is to be held not in Edinburgh as usual, but at Forfar Community Campus! This is the meeting where our 2018 pay campaign postcards will be presented to the leader of CoSLA.
There will be a rally outside the meeting and UNISON Scotland are hoping that branches will be able to send a representatives along. It’s therefore an ideal opportunity for us here in Angus to show CoSLA how much we care about parity for our pay award and having a real rise which reflects how much we've lost in the last decade
So...... if you happen to be off on Friday (I was!) or can book off for an hour or so (agile workers, please note!), please do come along. The rally will start at 1030 as the meeting is due to start at 1100.
Let us know if you can make it; we hope to see you there.

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