Friday, 21 September 2018


Trade Unions recommend reject vote on revised local government pay offer

Local services throughout Scotland could be plunged into crisis after – UNISON, Unite and the GMB – wrote to COSLA to say they will recommend their members reject their revised pay offer when they consult them in the coming weeks.
The revised pay offer, made by COSLA on 6th September, was a 3% increase for all local government workers earning up to £80,000, but the trade unions are angry that this is below inflation and does not improve low pay.
Johanna Baxter, UNISON’s head of local government bargaining said: “UNISON’s campaigning has ended the local government pay cap. But the revised offer does little to address low pay. And it exacerbates a key concern of our members about fairness across the public sector. The Scottish Government has found an additional £25m for teachers pay, which will result in some teachers receiving pay increases of over 10%, however this offer has no additional money to address low pay in local government.”
Mark Ferguson, chair of UNISON Scotland’s local government committee said: “A decade of austerity has led to staffing shortages in key areas of local government like social care and school staff. And many of our members are relying on foodbanks to get by. The Government and COSLA must do more to address these issues and we would urge them to get back around the table with the trade unions.”

Thursday, 13 September 2018


UNISON branches are taking part in Green UNISON Day activities today - 13 September.
This initiative comes at a crucial time following this summer’s growing evidence of the impact of climate change around the world, including heatwaves, flooding, wildfires and ice loss.
If you support this action please Yammer your ‘Green Workplace Pledge’ of things that you currently do or will pledge to do in the future to reduce your impact on our environment. Suggestions are :
• Cycling to Work;
• A Plastic Free Friday (14th September);
• Leaving your Car at Home – walk or use public transport;
• Switching off your computer and screens when you leave the office;
• E mailing your MSP’s with your concerns on the proposed Climate Change Bill;
• E mailing your local Councillors requesting that our Pensions are not invested in Fossil Fuels.
Our Branch Environment Representative Janice Corrigan can help if you'd like any more information on this initiative.
Please also watch this film The Green Lie which looks at ‘greenwashing’ and corporate hypocrisy and is one of the films that UNISON is supporting in the Take One Action Film Festival.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018


Final offer of 3%. We asked for 6.5%. No recognition of the fact Council workers are 18% worse off than in 2010. UNISON recommend rejecting this derisory offer.
We'll be in touch soon with more info about where we go next in terms of consultative ballots. Meantime the article brings you up to speed with where things are.

Thursday, 30 August 2018


Remember that COSLA are meeting at Forfar Community Campus on Friday. There's a rally gathering at 1030. Please be there if you can and let them know what you think about a fair and decent pay rise for all of us in local government!
Your Branch Committee met on Tuesday - and here they are with the pay campaign board!

Monday, 27 August 2018


We were advised earlier today that the CoSLA Leaders meeting on Friday 31 August is to be held not in Edinburgh as usual, but at Forfar Community Campus! This is the meeting where our 2018 pay campaign postcards will be presented to the leader of CoSLA.
There will be a rally outside the meeting and UNISON Scotland are hoping that branches will be able to send a representatives along. It’s therefore an ideal opportunity for us here in Angus to show CoSLA how much we care about parity for our pay award and having a real rise which reflects how much we've lost in the last decade
So...... if you happen to be off on Friday (I was!) or can book off for an hour or so (agile workers, please note!), please do come along. The rally will start at 1030 as the meeting is due to start at 1100.
Let us know if you can make it; we hope to see you there.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018


You'll recall that earlier this month our colleagues at UNISON Scotland agreed to extend the postcard campaign to the whole of the Local Government membership - our colleagues in schools had received similar postcards before the holidays and these were sent to John Swinney in late June.
To this end, a new postcard to the President of CoSLA has been produced for all members to signs which we will return to her all together in advance of the next meeting with them on August 31st. Any improvement to the pay offer would have to be put to this meeting and signed off there; the intention therefore is to ensure they know our members strength of feeling before any decisions are taken.
Our Council Stewards have been getting pay campaign postcards out to members to sign and return back to them before they all get sent to CoSLA in good time for their meeting. We've not gone out to our schools again as members there had already signed cards before the summer. Nonetheless, it’s been a significant logistical exercise to get the cards out and we know we've not managed to get everywhere.
So..... if you haven't got a postcard and want to sign one, please leave a message below or email the Branch Office at and we’ll get one to you asap. Thanks!

Tuesday, 21 August 2018


Tonight's member meeting will now take place in Meeting Room D in Bruce House, not St Andrew's Church Hall as originally stated. Apologies for the late change and short notice.
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