Thursday 8 March 2018


After months of fruitless negotiations and discussions with the Council, UNISON Angus members employed as Family Nurture Support Worker members (previously known as Early Years Workers) have today secured a significant victory in their challenge to the grading of their new posts.
Our members were incorrectly graded during the Job Evaluation process forcing their pay grade down from LG8 to LG7. We believed the incorrect evaluation was down to a simple clerical error that just needed to be rectified. But did this not drag on...... In the intervening months, despite a series of knockbacks from the employer, our members stood their ground showing fantastic strength of character and commitment during some very challenging times for them. Today this well and truly paid off with the news that the Council has 're-assessed' the original evaluation and members employed as Family Nurture Support Workers are indeed graded LG8, with pay backdated to December.
I'm sure you'll join me in congratulating them in standing firm these past months and for their victory today. And to reflect on the simple fact that being a member of a union and in particular UNISON Angus brings us together to collectively challenge the employer when things go wrong and campaign together, and in numbers, for fair and just outcomes when our pay, terms and conditions are being ground down . On our own and without representation, changes would just get imposed. There is no better advert today for being in UNISON than this.
In conclusion, I cannot tell you how extremely proud we all are of our Family Nurture Support Worker members and of our Steward Arthur Grant for his unwavering guidance and support, though I think you might have guessed that by now!

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