Sunday 18 March 2018


The Branch Secretary attended the Business Support Review Board meeting last week and was hoping to have some firm details to share with you all about the outcome of the Admin and Clerical Review, particularly as the previous meeting in February had been cancelled. However, the date for the outcome of the review to be shared with us all has now been pushed into mid April.
It goes without saying that these are worrying times with regard to the future and we know from conversations with some of you that in many cases personal plans are on hold until the outcome of the Review is known. You are assured that UNISON Angus have left the Review Board under no illusion that our members are continuing to patiently wait for news but that the length of time being taken is adding to people’s concerns. Your wellbeing and welfare is paramount at times like this and we want a swift resolution to the Review. We do though of course want the Review outcome to be free from errors and a necessity to re-visit it in the days after the outcome is shared with us all.
We have been given assurances by the Review Board that UNISON Angus will be fully briefed on the outcome of the Review so that we can represent you, our members, with all the information needed in the coming weeks.
If you have any questions, queries or concerns about the Review, please do not hesitate to contact the Branch Office.

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