Tuesday 3 November 2015

Trade Union Bil

Trade Union Bill – Mass Rally to Oppose

“In simple terms this Bill is about destroying trade unions at the behest of the UK government. The Tories are saying you shouldn't belong to a union and if you do we will make it virtually impossible for you to take collective and political action to defend your job, pay and conditions. The public sector is being targeted because unions campaign against their planned destruction of public services, but they will come for the private and voluntary sector next. It's time for us to mobilise the majority to wrest control back from the minority”. 

Read UNISON's briefing briefing on the Scottish implications of the Bill. It has now been confirmed that ministers running English departments like health, communities and justice will be able to direct Scottish public bodies. This is probably the greatest challenge to the devolution settlement since the Scottish Parliament’s inception.

UNISON thinks MPs should be focusing on the real problems this country faces, not undermining people’s right to be supported at work.

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