Friday 3 November 2017


As part of the 'Pay up Now!' campaign UNISON Scotland are seeking to put as much pressure on Conservative MPs to relax UK pay policy.
This is important because the more the Chancellor allocates for pay in the UK Budget on 22 November, the less additional money the Scottish finance minister will have to find for pay in Scotland. UNISON Scotland recognises that the pay policy has to be set in the context of the Scottish Government’s spending plans. The budget for the coming year will be dependent on the UK autumn budget and the extent of any Barnett revenue consequentials. The other half of the budget is dependent on the Scottish Government’s decisions on devolved taxation.
Please let your local Tory MP Kirstene Hair know that you need her support in lobbying the Chancellor for a bigger Budget allocation for pay. After all, she promised to work for, and represent, the people of Angus...... and that's all of us!
There's lots of info in this document that you can share with her:
And to make it even easier, here's her email address:
If you hear back from her, let us know!


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