Members Benefits

Member benefits

Membership of UNISON comes with many benefits, from free training and access to legal services, death and accident benefits and support for your welfare

Member benefits: summary

UNISON membership gives you essential cover, wherever you work. Our full range of benefits includes:
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LV= Britania

UIA home insurance

LV= Liverpool Victoria car insurance

LV= Liverpool Victoria breakdown cover

UNISONplus dental offer

UNISON Travel Club banner

Lighthouse Financial Advice banner

Vauxhall Associate Partners

UNISON Pre Paid Plus Mastercard Card

Britannia banner

UIA travel insurance

UNISON Protect

UNISON Protects banner

Union Energy

Vision Express

Tax Refund Co

Croyde Bay

You Benefit

Exclusive and unique to UNISON members, UNISONdrive provides the hassle-free way to buy a car

Legal advice

Legal Services Directory
UNISON provides its members with a range of legal services and has entered into arrangements with Thompsons Solicitors to give branches access through the UNISONScotland office to local high quality employment advice. UNISON's Legal department, with an officer in Scotland, concentrates on issues which affect large numbers of members.
For employment matters you MUST contact your branch directly (seecontacts page for numbers). For all other matters, click here.

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Who qualifies?

To qualify for legal help, members will have to show that they were a member at least 4 weeks before they knew they needed legal help their subscriptions are up to date (they must continue to pay subscriptions while the case is going ahead). Special rules apply to industrial diseases
Acting on solicitor's advice
The National Executive Council may withdraw legal help if members do not follow the advice of our solicitors or if they fail to reply to letters or phone calls from them.

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How to apply

Employment Law: Members who want legal help should contact their branch, who can refer the matter to the regional officer or legal department. Members or branches should not instruct solicitors, as UNISON will not be liable for any costs you have to pay.
Contact your branch or see the UK legal site for full details and advice on which forms to use.In difficult cases the legal department has made special arrangements for black members. They plan similar consideration for lesbian and gay members.

Call the UNISON Law Line on
0800 80 12 99 
(You will need proof of membership)

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