Thursday 23 November 2017


On Budget day, and the day The Courier reports that the Tory MP for Angus was absent during a debate relevant to her constituency, I thought I'd remind you that back on 2 November, we wrote to Kirstene Hair. We let her know:
• That persistently low pay has led to the morale of dedicated and hard working Angus public sector workers being severely damaged;
• That how, in the last seven years, pay has fallen far behind the cost of living;
• How our pay has failed to keep up with the cost of just about everything we need.
And we asked that she ensured that the Chancellor provided a bigger Budget allocation for pay so that Scottish Ministers wouldn't need to find as much to give us all a decent pay rise. We suggested that by doing this, she would show that she did indeed want to work for you, her Angus constituents, employed as we all are in vital public sector occupations.
The same day we received an automated reply promising a response within 10 working days. We are now on Day 14 and the silence is deafening. We emailed her again last night looking for her response but I'd suggest the lack of one in the first instance tells you all you need to know.
We'll await the Budget statement later.

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