Monday 6 February 2017


The Scottish Local Government Conference on Friday received details of the offer from the Scottish employers in response to our pay claim.

The offer is as follows:

  • ·        £250 flat rate for those on spinal column points up to £25,000.
  • ·        1% for those on spinal column points over £25,001
  • ·        Continue to pay the Scottish Local Government Living Wage and ensure it applies to all pay related enhancements and is pensionable.
  • ·        Agree to participate in a joint working group with the trade unions to look at a future pay strategy going forward.

This offer falls far short of our claim, however the employers have indicated that they are prepared to negotiate. The first negotiating meeting will take place on 14 February and a further update will be issued following this meeting.

UNISON Scotland advise that they are making the necessary arrangements to ensure that all members are consulted on any final offer and if need be preparing for a possible industrial action ballot.

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