Friday 3 April 2015


The Scottish Employers have made a two year offer on SJC Pay for the period 2015- 2017. This followed an initial one year offer of 1% which the trade unions indicated did not in any way meet our claim. The offer totals 2.5% for the two year period. Distribution hasn't been specified although informal indications from the employers is that they would favour an equal distribution in each year.

The Joint Trade Unions agreed that the offer did not address the specifics of our claim in both the value of the offer and the flat rate element.

Whilst negotiations on the day did not realise any improvement to the offer, the employers did agree to come back to a further meeting at the end of April with their view of the value of a flat rate offer and whether 2.5% is the maximum value of their offer. At this stage the employers have not made a commitment to any type of flat rate offer.

A more detailed report will be presented to the Scottish Local Government Conference on 17th April.

The Local Government Committee has also agreed to use the Networking Meeting prior to the Conference for a session on developing our campaign particularly our political campaign both locally and nationally. We would therefore encourage as many conference delegates to attend this session as possible.
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