Thursday 13 September 2018


UNISON branches are taking part in Green UNISON Day activities today - 13 September.
This initiative comes at a crucial time following this summer’s growing evidence of the impact of climate change around the world, including heatwaves, flooding, wildfires and ice loss.
If you support this action please Yammer your ‘Green Workplace Pledge’ of things that you currently do or will pledge to do in the future to reduce your impact on our environment. Suggestions are :
• Cycling to Work;
• A Plastic Free Friday (14th September);
• Leaving your Car at Home – walk or use public transport;
• Switching off your computer and screens when you leave the office;
• E mailing your MSP’s with your concerns on the proposed Climate Change Bill;
• E mailing your local Councillors requesting that our Pensions are not invested in Fossil Fuels.
Our Branch Environment Representative Janice Corrigan can help if you'd like any more information on this initiative.
Please also watch this film The Green Lie which looks at ‘greenwashing’ and corporate hypocrisy and is one of the films that UNISON is supporting in the Take One Action Film Festival.

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