Tuesday 1 May 2018


The email below was sent to ANGUSalive members late last week:
You will be aware that ANGUSalive has embarked on a full organisational review process which will impact on all staff to varying degrees. Mo Dickson, UNISON Regional Organiser, has been representing the joint trade unions on the Organisational Review Board; they have met on 5 occasions so far. Mo has had sight of the various options being considered before recommendations went to the Board for approval and has had the opportunity to make comment wherever she could, the caveat to that being that she is not familiar with every area of ANGUSalive. Mo hasn’t seen the finalised proposals that will go out for consultation and she hasn’t seen the detail of how changes to opening hours, for example, may impact on staffing numbers or work life balance issues for individuals.
The recommendations did suggest changes to opening hours, changes to job roles, structures and potential changes to staffing levels, but no precise details have been shared. We have UNISON reps within ANGUSalive and there will also be support available from the branch and UNISON regional staff whenever possible.
If any member needs support then they should either contact their local rep or the branch office in the first instance; details for our representatives are as follows:
Name                     Workplace
Dave Charlton        Montrose Sports Centre
Sharon Law            Carnoustie Library/ACCESS Office
Rebecca Watson    Arbroath ACCESS Office
The branch contact details are:
UNISON – Angus Branch
c/o Angus Council
Bruce House
Arbroath DD11 3TS
Phone: 07999 344300
Email: office@unison-angus.org.uk

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