Wednesday 19 April 2017

NEC Elections....some more information!

You'll see from the posts below that as a UNISON member, you are entitled to choose who represents you on the union’s National Executive Council (NEC). At the January Committee meeting, UNISON Angus Branch Officers and Stewards nominated the following candidates for the election:

Jim McFarlane – Branch Secretary, Dundee City
Kate Ramsden – Branch Chairperson, Aberdeenshire Council
Davena Rankin – Branch Secretary, Glasgow Caledonian University
Stephen Smellie – Branch Secretary, South Lanarkshire

Their candidate statements can be found in the election material that was sent out to you recently. Remember – for UNISON to function democratically and effectively it’s really important that we as members make our views known! So please, take a few minutes to read the candidate’s election statements and cast your votes.

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