Monday 20 February 2017

Pay Claim Update

We have received the following update from Dougie Black at UNISON Scotland on behalf of the Scottish Joint Council Steering Group:

The SJC Steering Group met yesterday to start negotiations on pay. We reached a point where the employers tabled a slightly different offer which was; £300 for those earning up to £30,000 and 1% for those above. The joint trade union position was united behind the need for only a flat rate claim and not a mixed offer. The employers position was that the new offer made was the limit of their mandate. We did however persuade the employers to go back to the COSLA Leaders Forum and seek a fresh mandate on the basis of the trade union position. We also made the point that since the offer was tabled the LG settlement had marginally changed and asked the employers to consider whether more money could be directed into the pay financial envelope.

The Steering Group will next meet on 3rd March where I expect the employers to make a final offer.

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