Thursday 19 November 2015

Health and Social Care Integration

Health and Social Care Integration (HSCI)

A large number of workers in Adult Care eg Social Workers, Care Managers etc will be affected by HSCI although it is not clear what this will mean in detail and how it will affect us on a daily basis. 
The branch has representation on a Tayside HR/ trade union meeting and we will sit on the Integration Joint Board as a mandatory non-voting member. 
We have also just started discussions with Vicky Irons, Chief Officer, and George Bowie, Interim Head of Adult Services, about the consultation mechanisms within the new integrated structure in Angus.

We have no Stewards in the whole of Adult Care, apart from myself, so we need more volunteers, please. 
This is an exciting time to get involved, hear first hand what is being said and have a role in the development of the new service so if you are interested, please contact me for a chat and more information at or 01307 468950

Mavis Leask
Branch Secretary
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