Tuesday 3 November 2015

Be Heard! Use Your Vote!

Your union – your vote

UNISON is holding an election this year to choose who will be general secretary and lead the union for the next five years.

If you’re a UNISON member, it’s time to be heard and use your vote in the ballot, which opens on 9 November. There’s no bigger role in the union than that of general secretary. It’s one of the most high-profile jobs in the country – leader of the largest public service trade union in the UK and the leading voice of more than 1.3 million public service workers. When government ministers or employers sit down with an elected general secretary, they know they’re dealing with someone with 1.3 million trade unionists behind them. It gives us political clout. It helps UNISON get things done. That’s why it’s vitally important all our members cast their votes.
Voting is very important – you need to make sure your general secretary represents you.

It’s your union and your vote counts. Be heard – use your vote in UNISON’s general secretary election.

Ballot opens 9 November 2015

Ballot closes 4 December 2015
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