Monday 20 July 2015

Dear Colleague,
We are pleased to report that 2014 was another successful year for Unison's own charity 'There for You'. 
Many who asked for help recounted stories of how they have struggled to provide for their family and pay for the most basic items.  For others the situation was compounded with worries about how they would pay their rent or mortgage.
In these difficult times, our charity's work is vital and for this reason, we are writing to all branches to ask if you would consider making a donation and enabling us to continue to help those of our members who are finding life difficult. 
Please demonstrate your support by making a donation now - it could make all the difference - for example:
  • £120 could help pay towards school uniforms for 3 children
  • £800 could help with resettlement costs or essential household items after someone has lost their home or in the case of domestic violence.
  • A regular donation or, subscribing to the lottery would enable us to deliver meaningful support to even more members.
Click the link  2014_Thereforyou_presentation_yearinreview for a presentation that was delivered at the charity's AGM a few weeks ago. 
This is a unique service within trade unions and something we should all be proud to support.
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